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Dead dudettes and some news…

By April 1, 2010News

Jonathan Fields wrote a snappy post about 10 Dead Dudes to follow a couple of weeks ago and asked me to write the companion piece about Dudettes, seeing as how I am one.

Here’s a snippet of the babes that made the cut:

5. Eve There’s a bumper sticker that I believe was written for Eve, it says: Well-behaved women seldom make history. Once upon a time, Eve had a choice, she could follow the rules or not. She chose to be a daredevil, truth be told. That serpent helped her get the hell out of dodge and pave her own way – a way filled with the good and the bad. Because, as all women know, being good is just plain boring (most of us like bad boys and if Adam was going to play the goody two shoes, by God, Eve was going to corrupt him). Follow Eve by being curious, by following your cravings and your passions, and – of course – by misbehaving. There are many books that talk about Eve, (sadly she didn’t leave us a personal account of what really went down) but you might want to start with the Old Testament (and make sure to read in between the lines).

7. Katharine Hepburn wore pants and wore them so well. She was the picture of poise, but she was fiercely strong. In a biz where smiling for the press and everyone else was box office gold, she was labeled box office poison for her unconventional, straight-shooting, anti-Hollywood attitude. She was outspoken, esoteric and had a sharp tongue. And none of this was softened by her refusal of make-up and pretty dresses. Still, she earned 12 Oscar nominations and four statues. On location filming African Queen, director John Huston spoke of how on their days off, he and Bogart would go hunting for lions and such, and how one day Hepburn asked to join them. “He described her as a “Diana of the Hunt” — utterly fearless — and able to shoot with the best of them.” Follow Katharine to go against all conventions and to be real – as in ‘not fake’ or hidden under pretenses or make-up (actual or metaphorical). Read Me: Stories of My Life

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Next Tuesday 4/6, I’ll be on Bonnie Marcus’ fantastic radio show, Head over Heels, talking about Blogging for Business. Do I talk like I write? Hmmm…this would be a good way to find out. Also, she’s going to take questions from folks via her Facebook page which could be highly entertaining except for the fact that I think the questions have to be about blogging…so it’ll just be highly informative.


I’m heading off on a fabulous adventure for a few days. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting Friday or Monday – and I don’t want anyone to think I’m dead if I don’t. So consider yourself informed. Capiche? I will be in very, very, very good hands…(my own included, of course).

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