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A Writing Exercise

I haven’t done one of these in a long time, so I’m making you do it with me…

I’m going to post a picture below, and we all have to write a few words, sentences, paragraphs, a poem or a story to go with it (you can do it in the comments, I’ll be putting mine directly under the picture). If this exercise strikes your mind like lightening and you end up writing the world’s greatest novel because of it, please mention me in the credits.

Ready? Here we go:


“If I just ignore him long enough, maybe he won’t see me,” thought the bunny.

“If I just stare at him hard enough, maybe he’ll jump into my mouth,” thought the dog.

And…your turn…GO!

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  • ginabad says:

    A bunny?? thought Ralph. How on earth could they bring home a bunny?? Of all the wussy pets to get!

    Ralph sat there for 5 minutes growling at the dumb rabbit. Lowest guy on the food chain, he thought, and doesn’t even know it. At least if they had gotten a cat, he could scare it, chase it, intimidate it, make it run away. A bunny would just sit there and chew his carrots.

    “Ralph-y!” called his human. “Do you like your pet bunny? I got him just for you!”

    Oh dear God. Some days Ralph wondered why he got out of bed…

  • “I know you can hear me! I’ll just wait right here until you decide to admit to what you did,” stated the dog.

    “Oh shucks, he knows it was I. What is a guilty bunny to do?” thought the bunny.

  • Jennifer says:

    Rabbit: “Yeah, like they really think they can keep us in here with some cheap pine and chicken wire?”
    Dog: “I don’t know…looks pretty secure to me. Plus it’s almost time to eat.”
    Rabbit: (to self) Sigh. Canonicus domesticatus — all brawn, no brains. (to dog) “I’ll start digging. You’re on lookout. I’ll have us out of here in 15, tops.”

  • Barbara says:

    Bunny: This is sure depressing. Darn CDC has this swine-bird-human flu thing all screwed up.

    Dog: Yeah…you and I are here in quarantine and all those chickens are now cage-free!

  • Ann says:

    “But how will we ever get out?!” Bosco whined, pacing frantically. He paused and gave Fluffnut a forlorn look.

    “Don’t worry, dude. I’m on it.” Fluffnut hopped over to the corner and prepared to dig. “But I swear this is the last time I save your skin.”

    “Listen, you get me out of this, I promise never to play ‘chew toy’ with you again!” Bosco’s tail thumped earnestly against the fence.

  • Ann says:

    Whoops! I swear when I started my comment, the previous digging-escape one wasn’t posted. Great minds!

  • Commspro says:

    Dog’s Haiku

    Busy hare burrows
    Seeking freedom or perhaps
    Only a carrot

  • Lea says:

    “Look at me,” Rex pleaded. “Please, just say something!”

    Fluffy huddled in the corner, shoulders hunched. Still, she said nothing. She didn’t trust herself to speak. She began to shake.

    “Fluf-Bun. Sweet bunny. Please!” screamed Rex, desperation in his voice. “I said I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’ll do if you won’t forgive me!”

    Fluffy blinked, twitching her nose.

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