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The LOVE ebook: a HUGE Success

By February 18, 2009News,

strings-attachedStrings Attached

They say pure love comes without them,
But I know there are strings attached
Because when your cord was cut,
I held the scissors;
And because when you pluck,
I feel the vibrations in my heart.

Adam Bilsky

Thank you all. The LOVE ebook was a wonderful success!

The LOVE ebook was downloaded over 2,000 times in four days – which means that at least that many, but I’m guessing twice that many (via Valentine’s Day gifts), people were filled with love and positive goodness.

Together, we raised $535 for Career Gear and here’s how that money will be used specifically:

Career Gear’s Professional Development Series has made successful strides in helping clients develop necessary work and life skills to aid them in becoming better fathers, employees and community members.

Once a participant is employed he is recruited to become a member of the program which consists of bi-weekly workshops promoting job-retention and career advancement in a supportive environment. The Professional Development Series addresses key issues that impact an individuals’ ability to remain employed. Workshops include budgeting and financial management, emotional coping skills, family and child support, and meditation, among others.

Proceeds from The LOVE ebook will go towards funding our upcoming workshop on stress management.

None of this could have happened without the artists and writers who contributed, John Sanful’s (Career Gear’s valiant Executive Director) support and enthusiasm, Kyle Lacy‘s beautiful design, Amy Bleser‘s production support and Teresa Morrow‘s PR finesse.

But, I really want to thank those of you who helped spread the word via Twitter, your blogs and email. Thank you for your kind messages to me. One million Thank you’s!

Till next year…

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  • So wonderful to hear the love ebook was a wonderful success and raised over $500 for Career Gear!

    Congratulations on this success!


    Teresa Morrow
    of Key Business Partners

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