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Would you like to help spread the word about The LOVE ebook?

The response and support for The LOVE ebook has been truly amazing and inspiring!

If you haven’t heard, here are the details:

The LOVE ebook will be a beautifully designed ebook full of writing and art about LOVE. It will be posted on this blog for download from February 11th through the 14th – just in time for Valentine’s Day (would make an awesome gift, eh?)

The LOVE ebook will be available for free, but we are also offering you the option to make a donation for your download – could be for $1 or $1000+ – that’s entirely up to you. Our wildest dreams feature corporate sponsors matching these donations dollar for dollar (we have one already!) Please let us know if you have any ideas on that end.

All of the money raised will be donated to Dress for Success (for women) and Career Gear (for men) – two national non-profit organizations that help people find, get and keep jobs through career skills training, interview training, proper attire, etc…Times are tough, and Ramona and I wanted to pick organizations that worked hard and compassionately to help our country’s workforce.

What you can do!

The key to spreading the word and getting the maximum amount of donations will be all of you! We appreciate your tweets, Facebook highlights, Squidoo pages…whatever you’ve got. We’d also love some blog love! Us bloggers are always looking for somethng good to write about – and we’re handing you: social media, charity, recession, writers, bloggers, love, relationships, non-profits, employment…you name it!!!

Best case scenario is that you blog about the book and the event on February 11th – and that you provide a link straight to the page with the ebook download link! We’ll get the book up first thing – so the link will be good to go! Please set your calendars!!! (And, I’ll likely be tweeting it like mad!) You can also sign up for email alerts for this blog (look up to the right) – and then the reminder will land in your inbox.

I know you won’t be doing this to get anything back for yourselves, but I’ll be doing a big old wrap up of this event and you better believe I’ll be thanking all of our bloggers and message spreaders!


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