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What’s green and doesn’t smell like Paris Hilton?

By December 4, 2008News

Lettuce? A crayon? Shrek? No – digital magazines.

Zinio a digital magazine company has created the Read Green Initiative to help us all make the transition to saving paper a little bit easier – one magazine at a time. The Read Green Initiative is currently offering a one year, one magazine subscription for free as they launch their efforts.

While we all know that the world of journalistic print is (cough, cough) suffering a bit, the internet is wide-open and growing -fast. So why not make this shift?

I questioned how the publishers of said magazines felt about this, and the buzz is that many of them are excited and jumping right on board. Many of them aren’t going to completely cut their printed counterparts because this would take them off the magazine stand and away from those (five) people that don’t have computers. Though PC Magazine is making this dramatic jump because they have the luxury of knowing that their readers all have PCs.

You know what I don’t like? Having a magazine subscription and receiving 30 mailings reminding me to resubscribe – I hate waste. You know what I could get into? Reading my magazine without those horrid perfume ads. The Zinio option presents the entire magazine – ads and all. But without the smell.

The green piece is right on for our times and a great marketing hook, take note.

Check it out…

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Sure, it *sounds* like a good idea, but if all my magazines were digital, what would pile up under my coffee table?

  • Julie Roads says:

    LOL – Elizabeth – touche!!! So true, so true.

  • --Deb says:

    I’d be more willing to read magazines on computer than books–but then how would I tear out recipes to scribble on? (And don’t say I could print them. My computer sadly is not attached to a printer..)

  • Julie Roads says:

    Deb – sadly this would be one of the negatives – until we come up with robots that cook for us and who can be plugged into our computers to download information – such as recipes.

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