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my news, your news: as we get back to work post-election

By November 6, 2008Blogging, Networking, News

This is tough, but here I go, diving away from the election news blogs. And, in an attempt at re-entry, here’s some news from my little slice of the world wide web.

1. A few weeks ago, I was approached by the make-my-life-better team at Personal Chef To Go. They wanted to advertise their Thanksgiving meals on this blog…and can you believe these people? They insisted on sending me 10 huge, succulent samples of their food. Seriously, I don’t know what gets into people – I’m a mom with a business to run, I don’t have time to eat all of this food!

I agreed to post the ad and to write about their company because, as they predicted, it’s a great fit for me and my busy life (and the lives of many of my colleagues/readers). The food ships with ice packs and insulation to your door – and you can freeze it or stick in the microwave (something I detest and don’t own) or oven. And it’s really good – the chefs are real, live Professional Chefs – the kind that have cheffed for the Emmy’s and the Tony’s.

Chef Gene Castelluccio and Chef Blair Grossman use all natural ingredients, make everything from scratch and add no preservatives. Personal Chef To Go also provides automatic delivery – so you don’t even have to think about this – your food just shows up. And, if I can come home to a good, already made meal, then I can spend more time with my family – and that is invaluable.

2. I’m the Working Mom of the Week on Confessions of a Diet Coke Addict today. While I do not condone the use of poisonous soft drinks, I do think that Laura Pink is fantastic, and I understand that Motherhood relentlessly asks us to dig deep for survival – so I’m not too hard on her about the addiction. It’s an honor to have been invited and to be featured on her blog. So head over there if you feel like hearing about my family and mom-ness.

3. Today at 2pm, I’ve been invited to speak at/on/in (?) a tele-seminar about using Twitter to promote your small business with Margie Zable Fisher of Zable Fisher Public Relations. Can’t wait and hope you’ll be there! And, I’ll probably recap it with an upcoming post, so stay tuned.

Okay, that’s my news…your turn. Anyone want to tell me what you’re up to now that we can breathe again? Just comment below…

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  • Rob Gokee says:

    Living in California, the excitement of Obama winning the election was tarnished slightly by Proposition 8 (the ban on gay marriage) passing. I spent 8 hours online yesterday, arguing with conservatives and Christians, trying to explain how it was wrong and discriminatory. In most cases, the person I argued with avoided answering my question: why a religious belief held by many should have any place in the state constitution. I was worn out by the end of the day, but it extended my post-election high for an extra 24 hours.

    Today, on the other hand, has been sludgy. I’ve been organizing and marketing in my down time before I start scoring a film in Feb, and I got absolutely nothing done. It’s 5pm and I’m feeling sleepy, but I’m trying to muster up the energy to get back on track. It’s been hard to get back to MY life when I’ve been spending so much time following the life of the election. I have high hopes for tomorrow…

  • Julie Roads says:

    Rob – Thank you so much for all of the hard work you are doing for Prop 8. I’m having major post-election depression…so I hear you – loud and clear!

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