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Check the tag – you’re it.

By November 21, 2008Blogging, Networking

Last week, I got tagged. One of the coolest chics around, Jennifer Smith, who runs Eco-Office Gals, a virtual assistant company with a solidly green touch, tagged me – which means that she called me out! Basically, I have to tell you several things about myself that you couldn’t possibly know and then I’ll tag some of my favorite bloggers.

And, as much as I admire, enjoy and respect Jennifer, I couldn’t help but think that this sounded an awful lot like a chain letter. But there is something about blogs (good, real ones) that trumps the chain letter. And then, I saw this incredible post by another favorite of mine, Ann Handley where she was wildly creative and literary about her tag assignment, and it sealed the deal. Besides that? It’s Friday…so what the heck.

Therefore, here I am. And here are seven things that you can’t tell by looking:

  1. I was a cheerleader in high school for about 5 minutes.
  2. I got kicked off the squad for getting into a fist fight with one of my close girlfriends (over a boy).
  3. I ended up on the field hockey team where I belonged. (#13)
  4. I went to an girls summer camp in northern Minnesota for 9 years. Spent 2 months of my summer with my best friends in the entire world – absolute best time of my life. My nickname was (and still is to my camp friends) Fish.
  5. I broke my arm 4 times before my 12th birthday (each arm twice). The last time was at 11pm during a slumber party, and, my mom (who is a very dear and sweet person) set me up in bed with some tylenol and ice and told me I could wait until morning to go to the doctor. And, I’ve never let her live that one down!
  6. I’m allergic to Chicago. Seriously. After getting the stomach flu consistently every time I went there for several years as a child, I stopped going. Which is why BlogHer having its second conference in 3 years there is really causing me some trouble.
  7. I know this is on my About page, but I love butter. It’s my favorite food. I put it on everything. But, I mean really put it on everything. Peanut butter or cream cheese to some people’s bread is what my butter is to my bread – thick. People think I’ve got cheese squares, but no – it’s hunks of butter. I even eat hunks of butter with my steak. Surprisingly, I’m not overweight – my insides are too greased up to hold onto any excess, I suppose.

Now, I’ll be passing this along to some blogging comrades who will also have to play this little game or else their pinky toenail will fall off…just kidding!

Here are some favs:

Gwen Bell (there simply aren’t words to describe)

Lisa Poisso (because this blog is incredible and so full of GREAT information)

Genia Stevens (because she is so badass)

Trees Instead (because I want them to have a blog and I’d be happy to write it for them)

Genuine (because men blog too)

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