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It’s 10:30pm, do you know where your 5 month-old son is?

By October 3, 2008Politics

It’s minutes after the Vice Presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, I’m watching Sarah Palin walk the rope line, flashes everywhere, the lights couldn’t be brighter. Then, she’s at the after debate party. People are yelling and screaming. It’s 10:3pm, St. Louis time.

And behind her? Her 5 month old, Down Syndrome son. Being held by her daughters – at one point her very young daughter, who could hardly hold him up, he’s almost as big as her.

This is being a good mother?  I think it’s using your kids to get votes. I think this special needs and highly sensitive child should be in bed, somewhere quiet and peaceful. Infants don’t have defenses, they depend on their caretakers to protect them. Infants are extra-sensitive to light, noise, touch, taste, smell. Down Syndrome children even more so.

I’m appalled. I’m furious. I want to go help that child.

(Oh, and Biden clearly won the debate and McCain pulled his campaign on Michigan.)

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  • Well, I’ve got issues with Palin, but this wasn’t really one of ’em…my kids have been known to be out past 10 on special occasions, and it was really only 7:30 going by his (Pacific Time) clock, right?

    I didn’t watch the debate though, so I don’t really know…did the baby seem in distress? My friend has a baby with Down Syndrome and she was actually very mellow and easygoing.

    I’m no Palin fan but yeah, if I were running for VP and I had a baby, I’d probably make a bedtime exception and take him to the debates too…

  • Julie Roads says:

    Hi Meagan, I hear you, and I thought about that. And if it was a three year old that could enjoy it, maybe. We also have no idea at what time zone his clock is set. Hasn’t he been traveling all over the place with her.

    Good question: he did not look to be in distress…dazed and confused is more like it.

    I own that this is my projection. But this wasn’t just being out at a wedding or something. It was so loud and bright…the energy was intense. So I think there’s a difference.

    I really appreciate you offering this view point!

  • caryl kerns says:

    I’m in total agreement…she has exploited ALL her children! Rumor mill has it that her son is in the military to avoid a prison sentence (my source is indirectly from someone from Alaska)…yep:mother-of-the-year material.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Thanks for you input, Caryl…and I also agree about your other comments about her grammar and twang…and that meeting with the Queen of England!

  • Lea says:

    I had the very same thoughts as I was watching it… I was totally on edge, waiting for the 6-year-old to trip on a power cord. Poor baby. I am an admitted baby sleep nut, though… have you read “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Marc Weissbluth, MD? This was my bible during my girls’ babyhood… I don’t think he would approve of the late bedtime! :)

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