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Writing Roads Wins the Kreativ Blogger Award

I write this blog for several reasons:

1. Because I have to and love to. Some people need chocolate, I need to write and publish everyday.

2. To grow my business.

3. For the connection with my readers, clients and network.

And, I’m not going to lie, getting recognized for the blood, sweat, fingerprints and laughter I pour into this thing feels good. Really good. So, I was so gratified to discover today, that a fellow blogger, Kerry from Lemon-Aide, bestowed upon me the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Kerry’s blog is a true testament to her spirit – making lemonade from the lemons that her struggle with chronic illness gave her. The ‘Aide’ comes in the form of information, community and support that she supplies in ample amounts on her blog. It’s a great read and resource.

So, this award comes with strings attached. To accept, I share 6 things that make me happy and pass this award along to other worthy bloggers. Here goes:

1. (This one is future tense) I will be so happy when I go to sleep on Tuesday, November 4th knowing that Barack Obama is our new president elect.

2. Writing thrills me to the bone – talking about it, planning for it, doing it, publishing it, sharing it, teaching it.

3. (I’m really hungry, so…) Baked potatoes loaded with butter, sea salt and sour cream.

4. My family: Patti, Sophie, Jack, Silas, Baloula and my parents. Without their love, support and companionship none of this would be the same or worth the same amount.

5. My office. For those of you who don’t know, I work in the coolest 120 square feet around – post and beam, rough sawn pine, a 12 foot red ‘desk’ (okay, it’s a plank of wood), an old purple queen’s chair, windows & sunlight, my computer, quiet, production, satisfaction.

6. My internet community. I’m constantly overwhelmed by the number of good, supportive, kind, brilliant bloggers and social media addicts out there. Their good words drown out the spam and nastiness…thank goodness. Here are some great reads (some are a bit political, yes. I found them during the election and can’t wait to see where they go when it ends):

Annette’s Paper Trail


Queen of Spain

Susan Piver

Katie Allison Granju

Yes, these are all women. No, I don’t not read men’s blogs or not like men. I just thought the male bloggers I love wouldn’t put a pink, flowery badge on their sites…maybe I’m wrong. If I am, and you’re here reading, just tell me and I’ll add you to the list lickety split.

So, this is not a chainletter, though it’s about to sound like one…winners of this award that I’m now placing on your heads and blogs, you are invited to post the badge, list the six things that bring you joy and share your favorite bloggers with us. No, not a chain letter, just good old fashioned social media support and networking.

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween. Be good, be safe, be kind.

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