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Is it November 5th yet?

By October 21, 2008October 25th, 2008Politics

It’s PMS! It’s bipolar disorder! It’s being mom to two 2 year-olds!

NOPE, it’s this damn election. The stress is killing me.

When I hear that Obama is going to win in a landslide, I feel like I can conquer the world.

When I hear that the Republicans are engaging in unethical tactics to keep poor and minority people away from the polls, I become furious.

When I read that MoveOn’s call parties made a whopping 373,000 calls to get volunteers active in swing states, my heart sings.

When I read that with a small margin, the Republican party can easily steal this election, just like they did in 2000 and 2004, I want to rip out my hair from the fury.

I’m up… when we hosted a MoveOn call party last weekend and I talked to so many people excited to volunteer, so many people already volunteering who told me about the change they see in their community as a result of their work. Thrilled that they got 50 people registered to vote…

I’m down…But, then one of those calls was a McCain/Palin supporter. And she told me, and I quote, “You people are being terribly mislead.” US? We’re being mislead????? Left me utterly distraught by the injustice of it all. The murderous irony.

I’m ready for November 5th. I’m ready to wake up in the morning and jump up and down, thrilled beyond belief that Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States…

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  • Sarah says:

    I agree! Great post! I am so grateful to have the Twitter community and so many others this time around, for the “just in case” factor, at least none of us will be alone on November 5.

    (srj61304 on Twitter)

  • Amy says:

    I would just like to say that hopefully on November 5th we WILL in fact know who our rightful next President is. I can’t handle another 2000, and taking into consideration the disenfranchisement during the primaries alone it’s scary to think about what could happen on election day.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Sarah – I totally agree. My peeps on Twitter (you included) really keep me afloat. This is no time to be alone. I can’t wait to celebrate together!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Amy! Thanks for stopping by…I hear you. We literally can not deal with that. From what I’ve heard, the Obama Camp is fully prepared…

  • Stephanie says:

    Im glad I’m not the only one feeling anxious about this election. My vote “didn’t count” in 2000 or in 2004 so let’s hope it will this time around. I am terrified that this election could go the other way. Hurry up Nov. 5th the pressure is driving me crazy.

  • Julie Roads says:

    This might make people feel better:

  • Denise says:

    Julie – you help me keep MY sanity on twitter. My husband said something that made me smile a couple days ago. Referring to our youngest son who is 14, he commented “Just think, he’ll be old enough to vote when we re-elect Obama.”

    I choose to keep that thought in my mind, keep my volunteering efforts up, and have faith that the majority of the people have had enough and are willing to vote to show it.

  • Debbie says:

    Wasn’t it sweet of that republican to try to educate you? And yes, I am ready for this election. Let’s do it today!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Denise – that is such a heartening thought! Good to remember that we’re raising the people who will continue to make this country a better place.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Debbie – I know you’re comment is dripping with sarcasm (which I love), but she was so far from sweet. Bad taste in mouth.

  • Susan Gibbs says:

    I feel exactly the same way. The anticipation is killing me, so much so that I’ve asked my family to stop talking about the election around me. My stomach is in knots.

  • toni says:

    I agree I am ready for November 5th. Of course I am completely opposite on all your feelings. Obama scares me but I am just ready for the election to be over it has caused way too much stress for me. Of course that could get worse for me personally if Obama wins LOL. Btu I am just ready to go vote and have the election done!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Hi Toni…I understand that change is scary. But, didn’t someone famous once say that like death and taxes it’s the only other thing that’s certain? With 4 years of Rove, Cheney and Bush – you didn’t die (and I know this is true because you commented on my blog), so I’m sure it feels safer to stick with their politics instead of trying something new.

    I can not wait to ‘act like a grown-up’ with you – we’ll recycle and explore alternative energy, we’ll help women, we’ll volunteer in our communities to make them better places. This country needs a completely new path…I can’t wait. See you there.

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