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what’s in a date?

By September 11, 2008Politics

I have three other posts that I’m working on that could be published here today, but I can’t do it. Every time I try, there’s like an actual buffer between me and them…like that invisible, yet palpable, barrier created when you try to push the wrong sides of a magnet together.

For me, today, that impasse is September 11th. I can’t escape it because it’s staring at me from the little calendar icon in my dock just inches below these words. I can’t escape it because that day and its memory terrify me to my very core, still. I can’t escape it because I’m imagining terrorists everywhere hoping the U.S. is dumb enough to elect Palin so that they can really take us down. Morbid, yes, but don’t forget I’m a writer with an energetic imagination, for better and for worse.

Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about writing and marketing again.

Today, I’m going to remember, reflect and think of as many ways as possible to move forward with this country into a safe, responsible and better future. And, then, take action.

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