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now that’s green copy

By September 23, 2008Critical Copywriting

As many of you know, I’m rather green. I live in a house with composting toilets, after all.

I found this good bit of copy on a bottle of All Purpose Cleaner from an uber-green company called, biokleen.

In their environmental statement, they don’t say something like, ‘We care about the environment.” They dive much deeper than that. Their bottle says,

We are the environment

They’re saying that there is no separation. They are so committed, not to a cause, but to themselves, yourselves, the planet – and, to them, it’s all the same thing.

Superb copy:

  • Message accomplished
  • Short, pithy, to the point
  • Made me think
  • I actually spent some time pondering the message, considering them and their product
  • I like their sentiment and their product
  • I’m going to buy it

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