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and that’s what it’s all about: blogs, comments, tweets and conversations

By September 5, 2008Blogging, Networking

So…I’ve been a bit political lately (just a weeeeeee bit). And it’s brought me mad traffic and some nice commenting to boot. It’s fairly phenomenal that people who have spent days, months, years talking about other things are now talking, debating, writing, shouting about our political system, oh, and our futures, with such vigor. Think we’re hungry for change? There is a sense that we, the people, can actually make a difference – and that we have no choice but to try.

People are actually motivated to participate at a higher level and the internet is the perfect place to do it; it’s fast and it’s fluid – it’s a connector of people and ideas. We feel like we’re actually being heard – especially when people answer back – through comments, comment replies, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

On this blog, of the many great things that have happened as a result of the brouhaha, my favorite has been the commenting. When people are so moved (positively or negatively) by something they read that they just have to chime in, it’s, well, what we’re here for. I’ve learned much from listening to my readers – you are all so darn smart.

And as always, I’ve commented back because I don’t think that your efforts should go unanswered. I don’t want to be a one-sided blogger. Believe it or not, I’m here for the conversation. So, thank you to all that have commented – keep it coming.

As for Twitter, I’ve gotten new followers and watched older Twitter ‘relationships’ burst (in both directions)…but the conversations, the back and forth, are alive and well.

Another perk of the comments and the tweets? URLs. Everytime you comment or follow, you show me your website, which I then peruse with unfettered abandon…and I’ve found some great blogs to introduce you to:

1. The Cleaner Plate Club. Hormones in milk. Pesticides on produce. Feces on meat. Say what? I’m not a foodie, I’m rarely a cook, and I don’t have the time for slow food. Truth is, all I’m looking for is a decent meal – preferably one that my kids will eat, as well. So I begin my quest for a cleaner plate….Terrific writing, fab topic – check Ali out.

2. Punctuality Rules. A must for us writers who are more content than grammar (especially in these heated times!) Deb dishes the dirt on how to write, right, rite the rite, right, write way.

3. Green Your Decor. Jennae’s all about green interior design and doing good for the old planet. Also, she’s using the Thesis wordpress theme very, very well!

Hmmm…just noticed these are all women’s blogs. And I’m a woman…so that must mean that I will ignore all of Sarah Palin’s political ideals and just vote for her! Aw, geez, did I have to go there? Why yes, I did.

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  • --Deb says:

    I know, you just couldn’t resist one more dig, huh?

    Thanks for the shout-out! I TRY to write about writing, anyway, but righting wrongs is good, too. King Arthur would be so proud.

    (Oh, and I was a poli-sci major in college, am registered as an Independent, and generally vote almost 50/50 in either direction, depending on all sorts of factors … but, this year? Really no question! Although I’ll admit that Palin’s line about the pitbulls and lipstick was pretty funny.)

  • Lisa says:

    From my perspective, could I add *your* blog to the list? ;) I’ve really enjoyed your posts since I discovered your little corner of the ‘net. Cheers!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Deb! You are right, I couldn’t resist!…and you are welcome!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Hi Lisa! Of course you can add my blog to ‘the’ list…or to your list! I’m enjoying communicating with you…thanks for being here!

  • Julie, Thanks for telling everyone in your corner of the world about Green Your Decor. Much appreciated! And I am available for WordPress blog customizations, though the Thesis theme is a personal favorite :)

  • Carol Ramsey says:

    I’ve written about politics this summer as well, and I’m not a political blogger. I just can’t help it. I agree, there is something about this election that has gotten people involved and excited in new ways and the blogging community is a fun place to watch it all happen.

  • Julie Roads says:

    You are welcome, Jennae! Thesis is a favorite of mine as well…great to know about your customization work!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Hi Carol…I thoroughly enjoyed your Sarah Palin post…and your most WSJ post – totally hilarious. A classic case of thinking of the perfect comeback…3 days later. I hope you’ll post the WSJ article when it comes out!

  • MikeDone says:

    Thanks for pointing out your own opionon on bloging.You have a nice blog.have a nice time.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Thanks, Mike – I do have a nice time…every single day!
    Best to you…

  • Barbara95 says:

    It’s very easy to filter out the schtuss and get the internet into a Takana proof state. ,

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