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portfolio redux


Anyone else ever get so busy taking care of clients that you hardly have time to take care of yourself? Case in point, it’s been over a year since I’ve updated my portfolio page. And, it’s finally here. Thanks, as always, to my prized designer, Leslie Tane, you can all now see a selected smattering of what Writing Roads has been doing for the last year. The Bonobo Kids site above is just a taste…

Oy, did I just refer to myself in the 3rd person? Listen people, I have 16 in-laws visiting us for a week…I have a really, really good excuse. Really, really.

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  • Lea says:

    Hey, nice updates. Enjoy all your visitors, and thanks again for your Blogging 101 personal training session on Friday. It was a fantastic investment!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Lea – the pleasure was all mine. Thanks for the props…talk soon, Julie

  • Jeff Inglis says:

    Actually, Julie, you referred to yourself in the second person (saying “you” hardly have time to take care of “yourself”) and then your business in the third person. Which is fine, since your business isn’t you – unless it is…

  • Julie Roads says:

    But that was all on purpose! And, I tried to substitute other words and nothing else sounds right! How would you have written it – Honorable Newspaper Editor that you are?

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