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have a good idea? here’s $10K

By August 28, 2008News

I heard about this from the incredible blogging woman, Bridget Wright, at Biz Chicks Rule. And since my clients and readers are brilliant people with stunning ideas, I couldn’t help but spread the word.

ideablog is having a monthly contest that awards $10,000 to the best business ideas. They also enlist the help of successful business folk to serve as advisors. The ideas are then voted on by everyday visitors to the site (including your Aunt Betty and Uncle Bert if you enter, I suppose).

Check it out…and definitely let me know when you enter (so I can vote for you and spread the word on Blogging Roads) and when you win (so I can celebrate your incredibleness).

Oh, and if you’re engaged in some uber-procrastination today, leave me a comment, and I’ll email you a link to a YouTube video from 1987 that features yours truly in all of her 13 year-old, 80’s, baggy clothes wearing glory. Glory, I tell you, total glory.

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  • Jeff Inglis says:

    Julie – you can’t possibly ask me to pass up an opportunity like that! (Well, both opportunities, really. Now fully in procrastination mode dreaming up ideas and looking forward to the video, too!)

  • Mindi says:

    I really want to see that video… Really!

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