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using your blog as your portfolio or case study display, part 1

I recently wrote about the power of using case studies instead of a portfolio of finished work. And, I’ve realized that it’s almost the equivalent of a blog versus a static site. The portfolio pieces are static end products, while the case study is action, progress, collaboration, solution, process. Then Gem from The Lady Programmer dropped by with a comment about not needing to wait until projects were finished in order to display them via case studies. And, this made my mind just spin.

For instance, maybe you don’t need an official portfolio on your static site. In terms of cost (if you have to hire your web designer or master to make changes or if you use an intricate program to make it pretty or flashy), it would be much more effective to just post the finished projects, or better, the work in progress (case study style) on your blog, wouldn’t it?

Why do I feel like I’ve just discovered the electric orange juicer?

  • You can instantly upload projects – keeping your readers and the world abreast of your latest and greatest achievements.
  • The content, keywords and tags for each project and the industry it represents will bring in a whole new audience to your site.
  • You have total control of when you post, including edits and updates.
  • You can create a PORTFOLIO place on the blog, so everything is available on one page. This could be a static page on the blog with links out to each post or simply a new category.
  • You direct people from your website (if you have a brochure site attached to your blog) to the PORTFOLIO section of your blog with a link and some copy.

Anyone have any good examples of people doing this already??? I’d love to hear about them.
(A little shout out to my tireless, award winning and phenomenal designer, Leslie Tane, who is at this very moment redoing my portfolio page, reading this post and thinking, ‘finally, Julie can handle this herself and is going to stop bothering me!’)

Coming tomorrow: Building a case study portfolio on your blog. How to do it.

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