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julie roads: total geek

By July 28, 2008December 21st, 2008The Business

This post is an open invitation for you to jeer, throw tomatoes, laugh, ridicule….or join me. This weekend I had three separate opportunities to tell people I was just meeting about my business and this industry of marketing, social media, copywriting and blogging.

I start by saying that I’m a writer. That I write for a diverse range of clients and that I specialize in blogging, blog marketing, social media participation – both production and consulting. And as I say the word marketing, I see the tangible attitude shift. The wonder inspired by of the word ‘writer’ fades, and the ‘ewww, a sleazy salesman’ judgement falls like a red velvet curtain – heavy and fast.

But, I don’t let it stop me, not even for a second. I start talking about permission and relationship marketing – and their power. About the fact that I’ve made a commitment to myself and my clients that I will never send spam, buy a list or force a product or service on the people. About the amazing things that happen because of my social media participation. About how my client’s have grown through their blogs. About the fact that I can’t wait to see what happens every day.

And here comes the geek part. Every time this happened, every single time, I got massive goose bumps. It’s like my whole self lights up like a Christmas tree. My work makes me so happy.

Go ahead, take your best shot…

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