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Which makes you run faster?

By February 6, 2008Critical Copywriting

Nike Swoosh


Just Do It.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that brand imagery isn’t important…my design friends are cringing. My point is actually that the two platforms (writing and design) are equally important – and to some degree they serve different purposes.

The swoosh is Nike, right? You see it and you know, no question.

But, those words, those words! They are so compelling, so inspirational, so ‘get off your ass, put your shoes on and go for a run!’

When people ask why strong writing is important, I say because while the swoosh is Nike’s ID, their tagline is their call to action…and sales. Are you going to have a logo that is universally recognized like Nike? Probably not, so you better have an incredible message…that tells your customers exactly what to do.

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  • --Deb says:

    It certainly doesn’t hurt to have an instantly-recognizable logo, but I’m a word person, so ultimately, I think the words matter more. Though, a good image/logo/picture to catch a person’s eye, to draw them in, can only be a good thing. The words–no matter how good–won’t matter if nobody reads them!

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