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Because everyone’s battery needs a charge now and again.

When I need a recharge, I need other people. I need to bounce ideas off them, I need their fresh and unbiased point of view, I need a new set of eyes and a new brain. Sometimes, I even need a little hand holding, someone to tell me: it’s all going to be okay (and how exactly). Mostly, I need a jump start, I need someone to help me kick new life into me and my work.

It sounds like you do too, based on the number of questions I get looking for help and guidance on:

* Writing * Copywriting * Blogging * Marketing * eBooks * Social media * Twitter * Social media campaigns  * Self-promotion * What to charge for your work *  Your business * Getting Started * Staying on track * Blog marketing & partnering * About a zillion other things*

So, here’s what we’re gonna do:

The Jumper Cables

  • You & Me * 1 hour * 1-on-1 think tank session.
  • Send me an email with info about you, what you do, why you’re stuck and any links you need me to peruse before our session.
  • 99% guaranteed session within 48 hours (that 1% covers family, deadline and natural disasters).
  • $485 payable by Paypal at time of booking.
  • You get complete access to my brain, my experience and my problem solving, brainstorming trunk.
  • I send you a digital recording of our session (so you can play it over and over while you sleep).
  • You motor off down the road, engine roaring, GPS on target.