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Julie Roads

I have always been able to write – since I was five. It was something I just came in knowing how to do.  Writing is my best and preferred form of communication. Put my fingers to the keyboard and they just go, weaving words, stories, manifestos.

The best part…I love it. I really do. I even love the parts when I get stuck. When this happens, I take myself as far away from the page as possible – I browse, I walk, I asana, I meditate, I cook, I read, I collude with my animals – and then, suddenly, the idea comes. Literally, BOOM. It all makes sense. And I can see the solution from the beginning to end, revealed instantly to me in the written word.

At this point, I bring my fingers back to the keyboard and let them do their thing. I try not to insert myself into this process (seriously, I just get in the way).

The writer at work on a top secret project that was so under wraps she was required to wear a mask.


  • My favorite food is butter – sometimes I even spread bread on it.
  • My other favorite food is dark chocolate – sometimes I even share.
  • I have 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, who unexpectedly stole my heart (because I am a DOG person), named Smudge.
  • I spent 9 summers of my early life in northern Minnesota at the best camp in the world – I grew up and became myself here.
  • I’m a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and joyously taught & led workshops at Kripalu, the largest yoga center in the world. I have practiced asana and meditation (very nearly) daily for 20 years. It sincerely and powerfully informs my work. I believe that writing and movement & solving and movement are inextricably linked.
  • It was finding my breath through yoga and meditation that released me from paralyzing anxiety attacks 20 years ago.
  • I graduated from Middlebury College and earned a Masters degree in Education (where I learned to strategically communicate with local governments, administrations, other teachers, five-year-olds and their parents – simultaneously – and if that doesn’t make a person a good communicator, I don’t know what does).
  • I was born on Friday the 13th. And just like several other words/concepts that have been hijacked by the patriarchy, 13 is a magical, powerful, and wonderful number and has been since the beginning. It is not something to be feared or removed from hotel floor numbers…unless you fear powerful, undeniable women, of course. But that’s another conversation altogether.