(& yogini, ice farmer, writer)

(& yogini, ice farmer, writer)

Julie Roads

I have been trained in Wayfinding by Martha Beck (MBI) and her Master Coaches as a willing and thrilled student of her Wayfinder Life Coach Training program. I am a 500-hour Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher – and I taught yoga and led & designed well-being, discovery, and yoga workshops at Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA. I am the Chief Creative Officer at a small agency (within a massive communications company) that designs and builds live experiences for blue chip companies. I live on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard in a cottage in the woods with the love of my life and two teenagers (when they feel like it). In my spare time, I am an ice farmer – which means I make ice in our freezer all day in preparation for my daily ice bath – a practice which has changed my life. Finally, and he would say most importantly, after a lifetime of being a dog person, I was ensorcelled by a cat named Smudge who is now my lionized overlord and the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

The writer at work on a top secret project that was so under wraps she was required to wear a mask.


  • My favorite food is butter – sometimes I even spread bread on it.
  • I spent 9 summers of my early life in northern Minnesota at the best camp in the world – I grew up and became myself here.
  • I’m a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and joyously taught & led workshops at Kripalu, the largest yoga center in the world. I have practiced asana and meditation (very nearly) daily for 20 years. It sincerely and powerfully informs my work. I believe that discovery and movement & solving and movement are inextricably linked.
  • It was finding my breath through yoga and meditation that released me from paralyzing anxiety attacks 20 years ago.
  • I graduated from Middlebury College and earned a Masters degree in Education (where I learned to strategically communicate with local governments, administrations, other teachers, five-year-olds and their parents – simultaneously – and if that doesn’t make a person a good listener and communicator, I don’t know what does).
  • I was born on Friday the 13th. And just like several other words/concepts that have been hijacked by the patriarchy, 13 is a magical, powerful, and wonderful number and has been since the beginning. It is not something to be feared or removed from hotel floor numbers…unless you fear powerful, undeniable women, of course. Imagine a clock face – if you stop at 12, you just go round and round in a never-ending circle. It is that 13th step that creates an evolving spiral of growth and expansion. 13, baby.